The Web Package


A website is essentially one of two things: a billboard for your business or service, or a place where people may visit, learn about and/or share in your hobby or interests. Whether it's your storefront or an e-commerce site, or a promotional site for an upcoming book or music cd, it's your place with its own unique identity.


We metaphorically compare the internet to the universe. Like the universe, the internet is infinite which means so much space and so many possibilities. But on the downside, a website can get lost in the sea of millions and millions websites. And, as we've said, if the audience cannot find you, there's not much point to jumping into the fray.


We have learned through experience there is more to a website than throwing a couple of pages together and uploading them up to your ISP. The website package consists of planning, designing, optimizing, and digital promotion or marketing.


Another Day in Pug Paradise is flexible in working with the client to bring responsive websites to fruition. We're equally versatile - whether you prefer a traditional and/or conservative website or something a little more edgy. Form follows function, but you do not have to sacrifice an attractive website for the sake of functionality.


We also focus on optimization. With proper optimization and coding through description, keywords, and text, search engines and meta-robots sent out by the search engines have a greater chance to find, crawl, and list your website. The better the listing, the better chance for visitors/customers worldwide.


And the service doesn't stop once the site is visible on the World Wide Web. If you indicate ongoing service, we will continue to update, maintain, and promote your site.


We offer competitive rates by project and will be happy to quote a retainer for monthly updates and maintenance. Please refer to our Contact page to learn more.


We do not offer web hosting.


We do reserve the right to refuse service for the following: Absolutely no websites involving or promoting pornography, prejudice, racism, or hate.