Do you have a website up and running, but can't seem to find it in the search engines? Does your optimization (keywords, meta description, text, anchor text, alt images, and links) need a little tweaking?


Give us a call at (913) 403-8009. We will be happy to look at your existing site, analyze your source code, as well as your home page text, alt images, links, any existing directory and search engine inclusions, etc. If we feel we can truly help you, we will quote a rate, issue an invoice for half of the quote up front, then get to work making the necessary optimization changes. Or, if you prefer, we will email our recommendations to you or your webmaster.


We cannot guarantee instant results and it may take time for Google and Yahoo - in particular - to crawl and find keyword or any other type of changes. Sometimes it's a matter of going back into the website more than once and making additional changes until we get a winning combination of keywords, text, alt images, etc. All these factors translate to better visibility in the search engines and directories. Time and again, we have seen proven results in making optimization changes and stand behind our experience.