Mary Crissman, Another Day in Pug Paradise Web Design


My earliest interests in science and astronomy took a detour to journalism. I began my adult career at the Kansas City Star and Times, and later the Kansas City Business Journal as a news and feature writer, and copy editor. Later, these skills segued to public relations and promotional writing.


I logged many years as an account executive, promoting entertainers and products. In addition to writing biographies, technical information, promotional pieces, and press releases, I helped arrange numerous press conferences, press parties, press junkets, promotional events, radio, and television bookings, primarily in New York City, LA, and Chicago. This was during the era when the motto was you're only as good as your last placement and ideas were born out of collective brainstorming, meetings, long airline flights, gallons of coffee, and plenty of chair-spinning.


By the mid 90s, I got bit by the computer bug and became fascinated with the internet - I began to fully appreciate Marshall McLuhan's quote - the medium is the message. From that point, I was destined to learn web design and become a part of the global community.


As it happened, we had just adopted our first two pugs and I decided to create a business that incorporated our love for the breed with an e-commerce website. With the encouragement of my husband, Lowell, a programmer/analyst, I set out to learn the art of web design and our first website, PugSpeak Pug Cards and Gifts was born. A little later, we set up a local pug gathering organization - Pug Parliament - and developed that website as well. There have been other spin-off websites since as well as a genealogy website.


Another Day in Pug Paradise Web Design and Consulting was formed as a service of PugSpeak, LLC and under that name, I have designed websites for clients including the late South African artist, Joanne Knauf.


I continue my web design education, adapting to the current technology while enjoying our two grown children, four grandchildren, and three pugs. And yes, we still sell pug gifts online.